EchoSOS – the emergency app

Your helper for emergencies


Emergency calls

With EchoSOS, you have the right emergency numbers at your fingertips worldwide and transmit your location to any emergency service when you call.

Emergency card

The emergency card informs emergency services and first responders about your most important medical information.

Emergency units

EchoSOS shows you the nearest emergency unit throughout Switzerland and the current occupancy rate on site.

The right number worldwide

Emergency calls

The official emergency numbers of over 128 countries appear automatically in the emergency app.

Swift help in an emergency

Works worldwide

Developed with rescue professionals

Emergency call with location transmission

When you make an emergency call, the EchoSOS app transmits your GPS location directly to Any rescue service worldwide can then see where you are.

Local emergency numbers

When travelling - with numbers from 128 countries

In the mountains and ski resorts

At small and major events

Set up your personal emergency app

The Rega phone number, your health insurance company, your family doctor or personal emergency contacts? You can add more numbers to your home screen with just a few clicks.

Regional services

Depending on your location, you will find specific services offered by our partners in the emergency app. You can see regional telephone numbers and further medical resources such as defibrillators at a glance.

«The Emergency Locator has been available to SNZ 144 Central Switzerland for some time. It has already been able to successfully locate people with medical problems several times.»

Anton Verspeek, Emergency Medical Service 144 Central Switzerland 

Prepared in case of an emergency

Emergency card

File your allergies, medication or organ donation wishes. Thanks to the emergency card, first responders and rescue workers can see your most important medical information even if you are unconscious.

Your emergency data in one place

Secure access thanks to EchoID

Create QR code with emergency card

Your emergency data securely stored

You create your personal emergency card with the most important key medical data such as medication, pre-existing conditions, allergies, blood group, organ donation card and more. These are stored locally and securely on your smartphone.

EchoID Beacons - access for emergency services

Hospitals and emergency services in the partner network are equipped with EchoID Beacons. This gives them direct access to your personal emergency card, for example if you are unconscious.

Lockscreen sticker - access for helpers on the spot

Store your emergency card as a QR code on the lockscreen. First responders and rescue workers can then access it in an emergency, even if you are unconscious.

«I had to use this app and saved one of my relative's life in Austria. Great app and super useful. Thanks God this app existed and helped:in less than 10 minutes rescue was on spot and reanimated the person. Thank you»

Play Store Review – May 2020

The way to the hospital

Emergency units

The emergency app informs you about all emergency units in your vicinity throughout Switzerland and the current occupancy rate on site.

Overview of all Swiss hospitals

Growing partner network

Waiting times and additional information

Current occupancy rate at the emergency unit

EchoSOS partner hospitals inform users in the emergency app and on site about the current occupancy rate on the ward. This allows people to switch to emergency units with more free capacity. As a result, patients have shorter waiting times and hospital staff are relieved.

A growing network

Half of all Swiss hospitals are already connected to the EchoSOS network. With the information on current capacity utilisation on site, free emergency units are better utilised and overcrowded hospitals are relieved.