Is my location transmitted all the time?

No. The location is only transmitted at the moment you make an emergency call via the emergency app. Your location is transmitted to and can be viewed for one hour by entering the phone number. After that, the data will be anonymized.

Do I need internet to use the emergency app?

No. To transmit your location, the emergency app searches for internet reception. If there is no or too weak internet connection, your location will be transmitted via SMS to It needs a stable network connection to make the call.

Can any emergency service locate me anywhere in the world?

Yes. The emergency app works worldwide. If an emergency call is initiated via the emergency app, any emergency service worldwide can enter your number on and view your location. EchoSOS partners receive the information directly.

Will the emergency services come without me having to make a phone call?

When you make an emergency call, you will be connected to the appropriate emergency center and your location will be transmitted to [ EchoSOS is a support to the telephone emergency call and does not replace it. It is important to communicate with the emergency services call takers and follow their instructions.

Is the emergency app accessible?

We are committed to ensuring that the emergency app is accessible to everyone so that we can help everyone in an emergency. That’s why we’re continuously working to develop the app and make it accessible.

Does the emergency service automatically see where I am when I call with the EchoSOS app?

EchoSOS partners see directly where you are when your emergency call comes in. If you make an emergency call to a rescue service that is not an EchoSOS partner, you must inform them that you are calling with EchoSOS. Inform the person on the phone that your location can be seen at

How can I make a demo call?

The first time you use the emergency app, you can make a demo call. No real emergency call will be made. In the menu item “Setup” you can add the demo call to the homescreen afterwards.

Can my personal emergency contact also locate me in an emergency?

At the moment, this function does not yet exist. We are working on a further development.

How can I remove the lockscreen sticker?

To set a different background image, go to the system settings of your device and select any other background. If you do not know how to change the lock screen wallpaper on your device, contact the manufacturer’s support if in doubt.

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