How you can support EchoSOS

With your patronage you help us to improve communication and the exchange of information in case of emergency. With your contribution you ensure that the EchoSOS app remains free of charge and can be continuously developed.

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Share our vision

More than ten years ago, EchoSOS - back then my144 - was founded to improve the rescue of people with digital tools. Our vision is that every person receives the appropriate help as quickly as possible. As a patron, you share this vision with us and contribute to the achievement of our community goals:

  • • Improved communication and first contact
  • • Access to and exchange of information
  • • Better preparation for emergencies

Patronage contribution and use

Patronage contribution per year: 35.00 CHF

To ensure that the EchoSOS app remains free of charge, every patronage counts. All patronage contributions flow entirely into the operation and development of the EchoSOS app and the associated systems.

Your advantages

You make a valuable contribution to improving rescue and emergency communications. It is important to us to thank you for this in the future in form of benefits. These benefits may vary over time.

Thank you very much for your contribution

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